Little heroes need good support. BORT supports, also for children.

BORT supports relieve, protect and support. They are specifically developed by our experts for small joints. Adjusted to children’s special needs.

Just the small things can make a large difference:
BORT supports for kids.

No. 127 260 K
BORT Cervical Support 
Colour: blue

No. 121 350 K
BORT OmoBasic® acc. to Gilchrist 
Colour: blue

No. 121 700 K
BORT Clavicule Support 
Colour: blue

No. 104 600 K
BORT StabiloFix®
Colour: blue

No. 112 770 K
BORT DigiSoft® Finger Brace
Colour: blue

No. 112 050 K
BORT SellaTex® Classic
Colour: blue

No. 112 730 K
BORT ManuStabil® short
Colour: blue

No. 114 510 K
BORT Osgood-Schlatter Knee Support
Colour: blue

No. 114 520 K
BORT StabiloGen®Eco
Colour: blue

No. 150 140 K
BORT Stabilo® Knee Support 
with Articulated Joint

Colour: silver

No. 145 000 K
BORT Immobilisation Split
with Patella Recess

Colour: black

No. 053 200 K
BORT Helix S Spiraldynamik® 
Lower Ankle Support 

Colour: black

No. 054 600 K
BORT TaloStabil®Eco
Colour: blue

No. 100 500 K
BORT MalleoStabil® Brace
Colour: black, white

No. 054 800 K
Colour: black

No. 930 200 K
BORT Heel Lift made of Silicone